Teacher@Scale Seller Guide

Teacher@Scale SELLER

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to create a Seller Account to upload your products.

How To Upload Products?

1. Goto Products tab in your Admin Panel. From drop down select Products.

2. Click + (Add) button on Right hand side as shown in figure below pointed by Red arrow..


3. Information Section:

3.1 Kindly fill Name for your Product.
3.2 Kindly select "All Categories" for field categories.
3.3 Kindly input Price for your Product.
3.4 Kindly Describe your Product. That will be available as a specification for your Product in Product Page with separate tab.
3.5 Kindly Upload Picture for your Product.

4. Pricing/Inventory Section:

4.1 List Price is the retail price for your product. List Price should be greater than Price in Information Section. (User will Sale on your product).
4.2 Zero Price Action: If your product is zero price product then allow user to add to cart, otherwise, do not allow to add to cart.
4.3 Inventory: This option tracks the stock of your products.
4.4 Taxes: Kindly check VAT.

5. Extra Section:

5.1 Downloadable: Kindly enable this option. Only then, you will be able to upload any files to sell. By default there is no Tab for "Files to Sell".

5.2 Popularity: Ratings should be provided based on:
- Number of times Storefront has been viewed.
- Number of additions to cart.
- Number of purchases.

6. Click Create button.

7. Editing Products appears automatically. You can see added Tabs for your Products.

8. Files to Sell Tab:

8.1 Click + Add File Button

9. New File:

9.1 Kindly input for "Max Downloads" = 1
9.2 Kindly Add your Copyright for "License Agreement" field.
9.3 Kindly make sure License Required is enabled always.

10. Add-on Tab:

10.1 It is recommendable to choose only product specific value for "Facebook" section.
10.2 It is recommendable to choose Communication & Rating for "Reviews" section.

11. Attachments Tab: Kindly add attachments that are related to your products.

12. Reward points Tab:

- If you enable "Allow Payments by Points" option, don't forget to mention "Price in Points" value.
- Points earned per product section:
If you enable option, it will override global/category point value for this product as well.