Seller FAQ


1. which features are available for new Teacher@Scale Seller?

Every Teacher@Scale Seller will have access to their very own Teacher@Scale Seller Admin Panel. This Admin Panel will allow you to add products, view sales report, maintain accounting, create new banners, introduce promotions and offers, create user groups, and many more.. You will be your own Administrator and Manager.

2. As a new Teacher@Scale Seller do I need to have any technical knowledge for operating Seller Panel?

No. Technical knowledge is not required.

3. Is any Assistance available for Teacher@Scale Seller for any queries?

Yes. You can contact Teacher@Scale Support Team. Our email id is

4. Teacher@Scale Seller can sell only digital downloadable products only?

Yes. Teacher@Scale platform is created for only digital downloadable products.

5. What if someone claims Teacher@Scale Seller’s products as its products?

You can immediately drop us email at We will immediately block that users profile and stop all his payments.

6. How can Teacher@Scale identifies the user who claims Teacher@Scale Seller’s product as his own product?

All Teacher@Scale Seller are required to ADD copyright details in Vendor Terms and Conditions while uploading any product. Teacher@Scale monitors all the products along with Vendor's T&C. Once Teacher@Scale Seller reports that their product is being sold at our platform and copyright is being comprimised, Teacher@Scale Admin will review the product and if user found guilty then his account will be immediately blocked and will hold all the payments.

7. I have applied for new Seller's Account, but not yet recieved any email.

As soon as your application is approved by Teacher@Scale Admin, you will recieve a link to your own Teacher@Seller Seller's Dashboard at your registered email address within a day.

8. What is Teacher@Seller Seller's Dashboard?

It is a Admin Panel specifically designed for Teacher@Scale Seller's.

9. Can I delete my Teacher@Scale Seller Account.

Yes. You can delete your account.

10. If I will delete my Teacher@Scale Seller Account, will my Buyer Account will also be deleted?

Yes. For monitor and surveillance purpose, seller account is merged with buyer account. You will need to register again with Teacher@Scale in order to continue purchasing from our site.

11. Can I have my own Blog?

Yes. In your Admin Panel, there is a Tab named Website, select Blog.

12. Can I create a new Page for myself?

Yes. In your Admin Panel, there is a Tab named Website, select Page.