General Guidelines

General Guidelines


1) Checklist for uploading Products.


+ List your product under most suited Category

+ Know the difference between Price & List Price

+ If Uploaded Product is FREE, kindly select Zero Price action as "Allow Customers to add Product to the cart".

+ Always Keep Downloadable checkbox TICKED.



Kindly Note: This Tab will appear if and only if, you have TICKED Downloadable option.

+ License Agreement:

   - Your Agreement License must definitely include following points.

      1. Owned By: [Name of the Author]

      2. How do I Get this Product: [Downloaded/Purchased]

      3. Available for Sharing the same product in other Store: [YES/NO]

      4. Editing some part of Document and inserting my logo: [YES/NO]

      5. Is it Reproducible: [YES/NO]


Find out Step-by-Step details on how to Upload Product here TeacherAtScale Seller Guide


2) General Guidelines for Seller Account

Kindly upload LOGO for your account. Goto Admin Panel > Vendors > [Your Account] > Logo tab.

For more details visit our Seller FAQ page


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